Trustees Meeting

Weathersfield Proctor Library Trustees
Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 7:00 PM
5181 Rte. 5    Ascutney, VT

I.                   Call Trustee Meeting to Order
a.       Corrections and additions to the Agenda
b.      Approve minutes
c.       Comments from the Public 

II.                Library Director's Report

III.             New Business
a.       Bidding Review & Decision
b.      Heat Pump Issue
c.       Paypal account/donation button on new web site
d.      Notice to payroll: 3 hours personal time added annually for LD
e.       Library policy update: allowing 2, instead of 1, week vacation rollover

IV.             Old Business
a.       Fundraiser status
b.      Website Design in progress
c.       Snow Removal
d.      Update — Windsor Art Project

V.                Sign Warrants

VI.             Other Business

VII.          Adjourn

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