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Romaine Tenney:
A Celebration of a Farmer's Life

Weathersfield Proctor Library
Rte 5 Ascutney Vermont
Saturday September 3, 2016
11 a.m.-1 p.m.

The Tenney Farmstead

The Tenney House had long been an attraction to people traveling Route 131 between Ascutney and Perkinsville in the Town of Weathersfield. The brick Victorian Gothic house with its diamond paned windows and the gingerbread trim was a landscape photographers dream.

Myron O. Tenney purchased the property, April 1, 1892 from Jennie A. and Harry Pierce of Greenfield MA. The same year Jennie Pierce got it from George and Catherine L. Pierce. Abby B. Haskell, widow of Perry Haskell of Weathersfield deeded the farm to Catherine L Pierce on July 30, 1888.

Other owners of the property were Isaac Litchfield and Pliny and Elizabeth Gay. John H. Billings of New York City purchased the property in 1843. In the book "Early Weathersfield Inhabitants" Ernest Butterfield says that a Billings built the house.

Romaine E. Tenney, one of nine children of Myron O. and Rosa E. Tenney was raised at the homestead and was the last member of the family to live in the house and carry on the farm.

(From the Weathersfield Town Report December 31, 1963, text paraphrased from Betty G. Murray)

Event Schedule

10-10:30 a.m. Weather permitting-horse drawn cart ride to the library from Interstate 91 Exit 8 Park and Ride. Smokeshire Hill Top Farm's horses will take you on a slow paced ride to our event. 
 Sarah and Betsy are Suffolk Punch Draft Horses

11:00 a.m. The Sky Blue Boys will perform their song about Romaine Tenney and other bluegrass music.

11:45 a.m. Welcome and Speakers
-Nancy Nutile-McMenemy, event organizer
-Howard Coffin
-Neil Shepard, poet
-Chip Cobb and Mike Kamel
-Antoinette Jacobson-Proposed plaque
Sharing of memories of Mr. Tenney

Cake and refreshments

Sarah and Betsy will take you back to your cars at the Exit 8 park and ride the Tenney Farmstead site. (weather permitting)

The Weathersfield Board of Trustees would like to thank:

The Weathersfield Select Board for their generous grant from the Bottle Return Fund.

Support from the Friends of Weathersfield Proctor Library

The Weathersfield Historical Society

Antoinette Jacobson

And the family of Romaine Tenney

Note-This event may be videotaped for viewing on SAPA-TV

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