Board of Trustee Agenda May 26 7 p.m. #WFLDProctorLib #WeathersfieldVT #VT #library

Meeting Agenda
Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 7:00 PM
5181 Rte. 5    Ascutney, VT

I.                   Call Trustee Meeting to Order
a.       Corrections and additions to the Agenda
b.      Comments from the Public 
c.       Approval of minutes of April 21, 2016

II.                Library Director’s Report

III.             Old Business
a.       Fundraising Committee report
b.      Annual Policy Statement Review
c.       Reserve Fund balance 41-2-101-90.35
d.      Update of Reading Room @ 1879 Building – Mark
e.       Rolling stack conversation/Dept. of Defense surplus
f.       Knight Foundation grant ideas
g.      Romaine Tenney event
h.      CD Maturation, VCF and Expansion Fund Investment

IV.             New Business
a.       Lawn Mowing?
b.      New process for small contractors?
c.       Landscaping?  (plant/bush retrieval)

V.                Sign Warrants

VI.             Other Business


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