Trustee Monthly Meeting Agenda For Thursday Nov 19 7 pm

Weathersfield Proctor Library Trustees
Meeting Agenda
Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 7:00 PM
5181 Rte. 5    Ascutney, VT
NOTES: Two conference calls re: VT. Community Foundation @ 7:05 & ?  

I.                    Call Trustee Meeting to Order
a.      Conference calls
b.      Corrections and additions to the Agenda
c.      Comments from the Public
d.      Approval of previous minutes of October 15, 2015

II.                  Interim Library Director’s Report
a.      Report on new hours
b.      Budget progress w/ Anne & Nancy

III.                Old Business
a.      Fundraising Committee Report
b.      Grant writer update – Kelly Murphy
c.      Vermont Community Foundation representative
d.      Report from Anne re: the Friends & library using PayPal account
e.      Discuss the use for the R. Christian legacy
f.        Bid results for ADA bathroom addition (bids opened 11/13/15)

IV.               New Business
a.      Construction disruption
b.      Use of Susan Hunter memorial funds (rolling stacks?)
c.      1879 building update
d.      Future expansion conversation

V.                 Sign Warrants

VI.               Other Business

Next meeting: December 17, 2015 @ 7:00PM


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