Bristlebots and Circuits!

Thank you to Sara and Vince from the American Precision Museum for this great maker discovery program! On Wednesday July 23rd we learned about making circuits by taking apart electric toothbrushes and reassembling them into vibrobots!

Sara and Vince asking us about circuits and motors and batteries.
Making a bot.
Designing a switch using aluminum foil and a clothespin!


Discovery Science!

Notice this Vibrobot's switch, fabulous eyes and fancy mustache!
Thank you to everyone who came to this exciting program.  The kids started working at 6:30 and at 8:00 pm Sara said "Five more minutes!"  A chorus of groans and "Oh no, not yet" was heard.
 Everyone brought home their creations and ideas about what other things at home could be turned into a Vibrobot!

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