Kiss A Pig a Big Success!

The Weathersfield Proctor Library Expansion fund now has $944.00 more in it thanks to you!  

Thank you to everyone who voted, came to the event last night, took photos, baked, helped to clean up and a BIG thank you to Lynn Esty and "Spot" the pig!
Thank you to the fundraising committee: Cookie Shand, Laurie Cobb and Sandy Dockum. If you would like to help plan fun events to benefit the library expansion fund, the fundraising committee is always looking for more members.

Here are the voting results, and we'll have photos coming up this week, so stay tuned.

Third Place: Ernie Shand with 133 votes!
Second Place: Ginger Wimberg with 206 votes!

and our FIRST PLACE Winner was JeanMarie Oakman, the Weathersfield School Principal
with 303 votes! She got to
pucker up with Spot the Pig! 
Thank you Mrs Oakman!

Here are the rest of the tallys:

Bob Holtorf: 110 votes
Maureen Bogosian: 67 votes
BJ Esty: 44 votes
Nancy Tusinski: 21 votes
Kate Murphy: 19 votes
John Arrison: 9 votes
Darrin Spaulding: 9 votes
Jim Mullen: 0 votes

1 comment:

  1. So glad your "Kiss the Pig" event was such a success. Let's hope all the events coming up are just as successful.......I'm sure they will be. Great job Weathersfield!!!!