Apply to Be a Book Giver on World Book Night
April 23, 2014
Applications taken until January 5th, 2014

Give free books away and share your love of reading!

World Book Night is an annual celebration dedicated to spreading the love of reading, person to person.  Each year on April 23 –Shakespeare’s birthday tens of thousands of people in the U.S. go out into their communities and give a total of half a million free World Book Night paperbacks to light and non-readers. 

Volunteer book givers are central to World Book Night U.S., putting wonderful books into the hands of light or non-readers in their communities.

World Book Night provides the free books, and the book givers seek out light or non-readers, especially people who don’t regularly read and/or people who don’t normally have access to printed books, for reasons of means or geography. Book givers receive 20 free paperback copies of one World Book Night title, not too many to carry but enough to share with a good number of potential new readers.

Are you interested in becoming a World Book Night U.S. book giver? Click here for more information.
Look below for some of the books you can choose to give away, for the complete list please click here

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