James Patterson's 'Nevermore': Cover reveal, plus Q and A

By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY
James Patterson gave Max Ride wings, but it's the best-selling author who's been flying high.
The popular author of the Alex Cross novels, Patterson was a rookie to the world of young-adult books when he penned the first Maximum Ride book, The Angel Experiment, in 2005. And now, as he prepares to release the eighth and final chapter, Nevermore (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers), in August, he's proven just as successful with the younger crowd as he has for the grownups.
Here for the first time ever is the cover to Nevermore, and a limited paperback edition of the seventh book Angel (on sale Feb. 7) will give fans a sneak peek at the first five chapters of the upcoming book. It begins with Max and her human/avian Flock — a group of teenagers who can fly and were raised by evil scientists in a secret lab — in crisis after their young friend Angel goes missing after a huge explosion.
All questions and situations will be resolved in Nevermore, Patterson says, including the love triangle between Max, her old boyfriend Fang and the new guy Dylan. "Make your bets — I think you can bet on it in Vegas," quips the author, who also pens the young-adult series Daniel X and Witch & Wizard.


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